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their Contribution to the Launching of our Website:

  • Special thanks for free Domain Names Registration, free Website Hosting and free Support for the building of the Website to Hosting Impact especially to Stephen Zeller, Tracy and Mitchell.
  • Special thanks also for Suggestions, Comments and Support in the development of the Website by the Officers and Members of the Freeemasons’ Association (NSW & ACT) Inc, especially to MW Bro Greg Levenston (the then Grand Master), Miss Judith Morrice, Bruce Balmond, Garry Sayed, Milton Wearing, Late John Hely, John McGregor, Christian B, Miss Luciana Harris, Ian Cox, Dr Yvonne McIntyre and Mrs Barbra Mason.
  • Gratitude to the Webmaster, RP, for his tireless work and skills in designing and making the website work smoothly and look attractive. This includes the New Logo, Facebook and Twitter.
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